On June 15, 1989 I walked into Auto-X Auto Supply, a division of Grand Valley Distributors Inc., in Cambridge, Ontario to purchase a headlight for my car. The owner of the store, Mr. Len Greig and I began a conversation which set in motion a chain of events that ended with me purchasing the business on July 31, 1989. The years since then have brought many changes to the company. The name was changed to Brewers Car parts Plus. I wanted the name to tell people of; (1) ownership and the responsibilities related thereto, (2) what we sell and (3) to say that we want to provide an extra, hence the 'Plus', which in my mind defined what I wanted us to accomplish. The 'Plus' is best described in our following mission statement:

Brewers Car Parts Plus is committed to meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding our Professional Wholesale Installer Customers' Expectations. As part of this mandate we will not only deal with our Customers' tangible needs but also with their future and felt needs. In order to accomplish this we will;

  • Listen to our customers.
  • Employ the best available management and inside and outside sales staff.
  • Have a product offering that meets or exceeds our customers' needs.
  • Invest in and utilize the best technology.
  • Associate ourselves with impact players wherever we find them (Customers, Suppliers, Bankers, Professional Advisors, and Others within our industry).
  • Look to the future without narrow-mindedness.
  • Not settle for doing less than our best.
  • Make ourselves available to assist customers in setting in place good business practices.
  • Provide a proactive work environment that encourages our staff to think and act 'safe and healthy' both on the job and at leisure.
  • Continue to remain profitable.

Following this mission statement has guided us in many critical situations over the years. It has enabled us to focus on putting the people and product resources in place to meet and, whenever possible, exceed our Customers' needs. Our Mission Statement mandated our decision not to compete with our Customers by not selling to the Retail public, by not having our operating name on our vehicles or buildings, not appearing in the telephone white or yellow pages, or advertising in a fashion that would make the Retail public aware of us.

John Brewer